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The new learning architect

The Blended Learning Cookbook by Clive Shepherd

The new learning architect designs environments for learning, taking advantage of the latest tools, technologies and thinking to help organisations meet the acute financial, time and environmental pressures of the 21st century.

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The Blended Learning Cookbook (2nd edition)

The Blended Learning Cookbook by Clive Shepherd The second edition of Clive's Blended Learning Cookbook is available in hard copy and e-book formats. Published in conjunction with Saffron Interactive, the book presents a way for trainers and teachers to analyse a learning need and to choose effectively from the ever increasing range of formal and informal media and methods at their disposal. More importantly, it provides imaginative solutions to a broad range of typical problems - solutions that will be readily adaptable to the reader's own situation. The new version has twice as many recipes so you'll never be short of ideas.

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The blog: Clive on learning

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About Fastrak Consulting

Clive's consulting work is now conducted almost entirely through Onlignment, so this site is only here to provide links to legacy content. For enquiries about Clive's work, please head over to Onlignment.


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Clive on Learning
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Onlignment specialises in online learning and communications, and currently represents the main vehicle for Clive's consultancy work.



Legacy tools Here you'll find really, really old stuff that may still do something for you: The Online Trainer's Toolkit, The Intranet Cost-Benefit Calculator, The Communication Method Selector and more.

Legacy features Here you'll find all of Clive's published articles from 1997 to 2003. Obviously not the most topical material, but most of it is still surprisingly relevant.

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