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I’m Clive Shepherd

Clive Shepherd

This simple site acts as a sort of portal for anyone interested in exploring my professional work and my other activities such as composing and recording music.

It’s all pretty obvious but:

  • Bio provides a brief history of my professional career
  • Books tells you what I have published and in what formats
  • Courses provides a list of online courses available under the Skills Journey banner
  • Music provides a glimpse into my secret life as a musician
  • Videos provides links to loads of videos in which I feature
  • Contact lets you get in touch with me
  • About explains what this site is for and what happened to the original Fastrak site

Fastrak is no longer taking on new projects but is currently finalising three projects aimed at tackling gender inequalities in sport, digital media and with young immigrants.

Otherwise, have a look at the following:

Skills Journey: A comprehensive curriculum of CPD courses for learning professionals. Also, the home for my most recent book and all related products, as well as for my consulting work
Clive on Learning: for my blog
LinkedIn: for my profile