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Fastrak has the design skills to ensure that your training or communication programme meets the needs of your audience, conforms to all leading standards on usability, is original, appropriate and effective. We would be pleased to work with you in designing:
  • the top-level architecture for your intranet
  • intranet applications
  • multimedia CD-ROM training programmes
  • Internet or intranet-based training programmes
  • communication packages using any media

The end result of our efforts will be a comprehensive design document providing a solid basis for subsequent production work. We can recommend external production facilities or liaise with your in-house team to get the job done.

Although Fastrak is not a production house, we are happy to undertake smaller development projects:

  • production of online training modules
  • preparation of intranet content, including the conversion of existing materials
  • development of decision-making tools

There are examples of our decision-making tools and our online learning modules on the TACTIX site.


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