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Fastrak has a wealth of training experience at its disposal. We would be happy to develop in-company events for you covering any aspects of training and communications technology, from strategy sessions for senior managers through to detailed technical workshops for practitioners.

We will be happy to quote a fixed fee for any course that you require, taking into account the amount of preparation required and the number of times that the course will be run.

A number of intranet design workshops are available off-the-shelf:

We also run the following workshops in conjunction with the Institute of IT Training:

  • Assessing the ROI of training (1 day)
  • Online learning design and development (4 days)
  • TBT project management (2 days)

We will be adding to the range of off-the-shelf solutions all the time. If you would like us to notify you when a new workshop is introduced, just let us know.


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