For close to 50 years, I have been actively involved in composing and performing music. On this page, I will be sharing information on those projects which are currently available on a public basis.

Thin Air December 2017

A collaboration with my old friend Kelvin Saunders under the banner Quelque Chose. These ten instrumental tracks were composed, arranged, performed and engineered out of thin air. Each track was inspired by a simple chord sequence, riff or loop and then developed on the fly. In each case, what we ended up with bore no relation to what we expected.

Available on CDBaby for preview and purchase. Soon to be on iTunes, Spotify and other platforms.

I’ll make available more of my stuff from the last 15 years soon. Meanwhile, here’s one from when I was a teenager, playing bass in a band called Five Day Rain:

Five Day Rain 1970

This album was never formally released but was circulated widely on a pirated basis as an interesting example of psychedelia. It has more recently resurfaced on vinyl and is apparently to be re-released on a limited basis in 2018. You can find it on Spotify or YouTube.

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