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Assessing your communication options
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pixel.gif (807 bytes) The principal media elements
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EACH OF THESE communication methods has different capabilities in terms of what it can deliver – words, pictures, sound, motion and so on. We take these ‘media elements’ for granted, but their presence or absence make a considerable difference to what each method can achieve. Here’s a brief summary of the principal media elements:
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Written word Words convey very specific meaning. Written words can be read at a pace that suits the reader, who can backtrack and re-read any passages if necessary.
Spoken word Again, words convey very specific meaning. And, with spoken words, the way in which they are spoken also conveys meaning.
Still images Images can convey meaning more directly than words and are more easily memorable. Still images can be viewed at a pace to suit the viewer, who can backtrack and review an image if necessary.
Moving images Again, images are more direct and memorable than words. Moving images can obviously show motion more effectively than still images, including body language. Importantly, moving images attract attention.
Non-verbal sound Music is capable of creating a powerful emotional response and ambient sound and sound effects are a necessary ingredient of realism.

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