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Assessing intranet cost-benefits
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EVEN WITH A STRUCTURED approach to follow, it’s a lot of work to construct your own analysis from scratch and input it all onto a spreadsheet. With that in mind, I have developed a web-based tool that does the whole job for you. Of course, as with any generic tool, it will not meet every eventuality, but may well get you off to a good start. An Excel version is also available, which can be experimented with and customised more easily. To try out the web-based tool now click here.

Whether you take advantage of this tool or go it alone, you have a lot to gain by conducting a thorough cost-benefit analysis:

  • you’ll give the project the credibility it deserves
  • you’ll have the ammunition to silence the sceptics
  • you’ll be able to argue for the budget and resources required to realise the returns
  • you’ll know which intranet applications are likely to provide the biggest pay-offs
  • there will be fewer surprises and less regrets

Just one final word of warning. When IDC’s study of Netscape intranets showed a typical ROI of over 1000%, people might have taken note but they would have been justifiably sceptical. On the other hand, META Group’s June 1997 study showed that 80% of companies generated a positive ROI, with an average annual return of 38% - figures closer to managers’ real world experience and more likely to generate a positive response. So, if your figures show outlandish returns, you might like to revisit your estimates – after all, then you have the potential to exceed your forecasts!


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