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Evaluating online learningpixel.gif (807 bytes)

pixel.gif (807 bytes) Evaluating online learning
by Clive Shepherd

AT TIMES AS TRAINERS we behave like ostriches. We'd rather not know how effective our efforts have been, so we bury our heads in the sand. We know that the evaluation of training, like motherhood and apple pie, is inherently a good thing. But, because short term priorities tend to crowd out their longer term competitors, it's typically something we plan to do better next year - after all, we've got away with it so far, so another year won't hurt!

In this article, we examine just why it doesn't pay to be an ostrich. Why, if online learning is going to make a real impact in your organisation, you'd better have better reasons to justify the investment than "well, everyone else is doing it". Evaluation takes a bit of work, but then nothing was every achieved without a little effort. Here's how it's done.

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