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YOU MAY BE an online learning designer, but you have preferences too! Here's a chance for you to clarify where you stand. Tick all those statements that are true for you:
I like to learn by throwing myself into tasks and getting on with it.
I prefer to think about things and explore all aspects before coming to a conclusion
I like logical principles, theories, models and systems
I'm always looking for new ideas I can use and am keen to try them out
I like to take things step by step in a logical, linear fashion
I prefer to look at the whole picture before going into detail
I like to learn new skills by watching demonstrations
I like to learn by looking at videos, diagrams and pictures
I like to learn by reading
I like to learn by listening to lectures and audio tapes
I like to learn by participating in face-to-face discussions
I like to learn by getting hands on

What type of learner does this make you? Well, it all depends which learning styles model you are using …

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