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pixel.gif (807 bytes) How style affects design
WHAT ARE THE IMPLICATIONS of learning styles? Is it really possible to create learning materials that will be 'all things to all people'? Here's some suggestions:
  • survey a sample of your target population; you may find that one learning style predominates and you can focus on that
  • restrict the use of online learning to those audiences which have learning styles that seem to best match the medium
  • provide a flexible structure to your training which allows learners to employ a strategy to suit their preferences; for example, your programme may include formal content and a simulation, but you can allow learners to choose which comes first
  • use a wide variety of media and methods; not only will this accommodate different learning styles, it will provide a more powerful learning experience for all learners

Here are some sites that will allow you to explore the subject in more depth:

Through this site you can obtain a copy of the Honey and Mumford Manual of Learning Styles. Their learning styles questionnaire is now world famous and could be helpful for surveying typical learners in your organisation.

Brain Works from Synergistic Learning Inc. is a Windows-based learning styles test that measures for left and right brain orientation and visual or auditory learning preferences.

Funderstanding - an excellent site for exploring learning theories.

Learning styles links - an extensive listing of sites dealing with this topic.


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