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THE VARIOUS QUESTION TYPES listed above are going to be more or less useful depending on the nature of the learning need. The following categories can be useful in analysing the need:
  • facts (information about things)
  • concepts (classes of things)
  • processes, principles and rules (cause and effect relationships)
  • procedures (steps in carrying out a task)
  • parts of (the elements of an object)

The following table provides examples of question formats and types that can be employed to reinforce or test for learning of each of these five categories.

Category Question format Question type
facts what is …?
who is …?
where is …?
supplying or selecting
what goes with …? matching
concepts which class does this object belong to? selecting or supplying
which object(s) belong in this class? selecting
processes, principles, rules given x situation, what are the likely effects? selecting or supplying
given x situation, what should you do? selecting or supplying
if x happens, what is likely to be the cause? selecting or supplying
procedures place these steps in the order in which they should be executed ordering
given that you have just done x, what would the next step be? selecting or supplying
what are the names of the steps in the procedure for …? supplying
parts of … given a location on an object, provide the name of the part selecting or supplying
given a part name, identify the correct position on the object

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