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OUR GUIDED TOUR of the world of questions has taken us from the abstract to the specific, from an understanding of the possibilities to a review of the practical implications. Let’s briefly recap where we’ve been:
  • we reviewed the many ways in which questions play a part in training
  • we saw that some forms of questioning were beyond the reach of interactive self-study, although all were possible in a broader, collaborative online learning environment
  • we identified five types of question that were applicable to interactive self-study - selecting, supplying, ordering/ranking, matching and locating
  • we saw how these question types could be applied to five categories of learning - facts, concepts, processes/principles/rules, procedures and ‘parts of’
  • we examined the various input methods available on a computer - text links, image links, image maps, radio buttons, check boxes, drop down lists, text boxes, drag and drop and sliders
  • we looked at examples of all of these, starting with those that could be implemented using simple HTML, then those that required scripting and finally those for which Java programming would be necessary

So has this tour taken you anywhere worthwhile? Well hopefully it has alerted you to the wide range of questioning possibilities in interactive, self-study materials. It may have helped you to identify the learning situations to which these questions are best suited. It may also have made you aware of the technical implications of building questions into your own online learning courseware.

Any questions anybody?


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