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TACTIX provides tips and tools for trainers and other communicators looking to improve their effectiveness within their organisations through the application of new technology. TACTIX will be of interest to anyone already working with, or exploring the potential for intranets, CD-ROM or any other form of interactive media.

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What's new?
A process for selecting training methods
This article explains why the selection of training methods is more complex than we might think and requires a thorough and systematic decision-making approach. It goes on to describe a new model for rationalising this process, which forms the basis of Fastrak's Training Methods Selector tool.

Web pages that Work
This comprehensive web-based training course has been designed to help web authors to create quality intranet content. It contains twelve half hour modules that take you though every aspect of web page design for intranets, complementing the Fastrak workshop on the same subject. The first modules of Web pages that Work are available now for evaluation.

Coming soon
We are adding new features monthly, with a special focus on web-based training and intranet design. Be sure to check us out regularly, or e-mail us and we'll let you know every time a major feature is added to TACTIX.



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