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WITH SOME ONLINE COURSES, assessment is integral to the self-study materials and no 'human' intervention is necessary. In other cases this may be neither possible nor desirable and the tutor will be required to conduct an assessment of the nature and extent of the learner's knowledge and skills.

There are, of course, many different forms of assessment in which the tutor may get involved:

  • marking written assignments submitted as email attachments
  • assessing responses made to questions in chat sessions
  • assessing practical assignments
  • assessing practical exercises carried out using audio (which may well be necessary for subjects such as language learning, telephone skills, etc.)
  • assessing practical exercises, such as role plays or presentations, carried out using video

In these situations, you would expect the following principal behaviours from the online assessor:

  • monitoring the learner's behaviour throughout the course
  • questioning the learner, in chat sessions or using email
  • judging a learner's submissions
  • controlling to ensure that the assessment is conducted fairly

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