Training programme:
Target audience:
Broad learning objective:


To what extent is it important that ... Min              Max
the training is  conducted at the minimum direct cost?
the training is conducted at the minimum indirect cost?
the time required by trainees to complete the training is as short as possible? [Effic.]
the training delivers the best possible results in terms of learning? [Effect.]
trainees get the opportunity to mix and make contacts with their colleagues?


Size of the target population
Approximate amount of training time if delivered in a classroom (in hours)
Deadline for completion of the training (in months)
Within this schedule, how many months are you prepared to allow for:
training design?
development of a/v or computer-based materials?


To what extent do trainees ... Min              Max
vary in terms of their current level of knowledge or skill of the subject?
vary in their aptitude for achieving the required knowledge and skills?
vary in terms of the learning they will need?
tend to prefer to learn on their own?
tend to prefer to receive individual instruction?
tend to prefer to learn in groups?


To what extent is learning likely to be more effective if ... Min              Max
trainees can be away from job pressures for a continuous period?
trainees can interact with other trainees?
the training is undertaken in short sessions?
there are opportunities for live demonstration and practice?
trainees can receive the training at their own pace?
trainees can easily backtrack and review any part of the training?
the training is delivered consistently on every occasion?
trainees are able to ask questions of a subject matter expert?


To what extent are the following required to present the training effectively:. Min              Max
body language?
still graphics, photos?
actual equipment used in the job?
animations/video sequences?

To what extent are the following required to practise the required skills effectively:

Min              Max
voice recording?
video recording?
computer simulations?
actual equipment?


To what extent can successful performance of the required skills be measured by ... Min              Max
computer testing, including simulation?
workbook exercises?
observation by an instructor?


To what extent ... Min              Max
is it difficult to gather adequate numbers at any one time for classroom training?
is it difficult for trainees to travel to a central training site?
is it expensive for trainees to travel to a central training site?
is it difficult for trainees to be released for sufficient time to do the training in one go?
will the training content need to be regularly updated?


How many of the following do you have available?. Amount
experienced, in-house training designers
experienced, in-house developers of CBT materials
experienced, in-house developers of a/v materials
experienced, in-house on-job instructors/coaches
experienced, in-house classroom training presenters
intranet-enabled PCs
multimedia PCs
video players and monitors
audio cassette or CD players
classrooms with basic visual aids
classrooms with full audio-visual support
classrooms with full a/v support plus actual equipment for each trainee

To what extent ...

Min              Max
do you already have a suitable training design?
do you already have suitable audio-visual materials?
do you already have suitable computer-based training materials?

Cost of off-the-shelf solutions per trainee (enter a cost only if suitable materials are available and you prefer them to a tailor-made solution)

Cost in
computer-based training materials
stand-alone workbooks
videos plus workbook
audio cassettes/CDs plus workbook
classroom course materials
externally-run classroom courses

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