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The Intranet Author
November 1998
The Intranet Author (formerly known as Web pages that Work) is your guide to creating quality intranet content. As information at work is increasingly accessed on-screen rather then on paper, new skills are required by even the most seasoned communicator. These skills make it possible to develop intranet content that not only matches its paper equivalent, it improves upon it.

There are many guides to producing pages for the World Wide Web, where the aim is usually to attract users to your site and to hold them there as long as possible. With the intranet, the aim is quite different: you want to get users to the information they require as quickly as possible, provide that information concisely and readably and get them away with the minimum of hassle. That's what this course is all about.

The Intranet Author is distributed for Fastrak by the Institute of IT Training, who you should contact directly to register individually as a student or to enquire about a site license.

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