Creating the core files
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Two files are common to all courses created using the toolkit and should not be removed:

  • blank.htm
  • exit.htm

blank.htm is used as a default blank file in the question feedback frame. More importantly, it is the reference for all page backgrounds and link colours. If you want to change any of these colours, you can accomplish this quite easily by editing blank.htm, but be aware that this will affect all courses created with the toolkit.

exit.htm is the default page for exit from any course. All you need to do is insert a link in this file to the page on your web site where you would like students to go when they exit - perhaps a menu of courses.

Six new files need to be created in the root of your training web site for each new course. These files are listed in the left column below (for xxxx substitute the four-character code name for your course). In each case, the file is created by modifying the equivalent file in the toolkit root as shown in the right hand column:


Full instructions for creating each of the files are contained within the file's HTML.

xxxxgo.htm: this file asks the user to enter their name, deleting the old history file if the name is new, and then launches the course. You need to create a title graphic to go on this page.

xxxxfram.htm: this file sets up the frameset that is employed throughout the course. It is also used to declare all global JavaScript variables.

xxxxside.htm: this file sets up the sidebar menu and establishes links to the glossary and information page. You will need to enter JavaScript variables specifying the titles and folder names for each of your modules here.

xxxxhead.htm: this file sets up the course header. You can use the same title graphic in the header that you create for xxxxgo.htm.

xxxxglos.htm: this file contains the glossary index for your course. The index lists those entries in the glossary and howto folders that are relevant to the course.

xxxxinfo.htm: this file provides the user with help and background information about the course and the various features of the toolkit. Much of this will stay the same from course to course, but you will need to add some course-specific information.
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