Creating the introduction page
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The introduction page is the first page that the student sees when the course is launched. You can adapt it to contain whatever information you like, but by default it is structured to include the following:

  • the course title
  • the name of the author
  • the version number and issue date
  • a brief statement of the purpose of the course
  • a prompt to the student to access the information page for fuller instructions
  • a link to the course progress report

The introduction page should be based on the file course_title.htm in the templates folder. Note that, with this page, you must set a JavaScript variable in the HTML for the page. As with all toolkit pages, full instructions are included within the page's HTML. The file should be saved as lp0pg1.htm in your xxxxintr folder.

Also stored in the templates folder is the progress report, progress_report.htm, which should be saved in xxxxintr as lp0pg2.htm. For this page also, you must set a JavaScript variable in the HTML.
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