Drag and drop questions
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The drag and drop format can be used to construct labelling questions as well as varieties of multiple answer, ordering and matching. Examples of all four of these can be found in the General Knowledge Quiz, now forming part of the toolkit demo on the Fastrak Consulting site.

In each case you must provide a set of draggable objects in the form of GIF images as well as a main image on to which the objects are dragged. You must then define the co-ordinates on the main image which represent targets for the objects. Objects may match with no target areas (in which case they are distractors) or a single target. A target can be associated with more than one object (as would be the case in a multiple answer format).

A drag and drop question functions rather differently from all the other question varieties as it is based on a Java applet. The configuration of the question is accomplished by entering parameters to the applet within the HTML code. The format of the feedback is rather different as well. You specify global feedback text for correct placement, incorrect placement, attempts to place a distractor and all objects placed correctly.

Because of the way the applet has been designed, the drag and drop question can be adapted to many different question formats. However, the Java code itself is not modifiable, so you will not be able to move outside these boundaries.

Please note that the Java applet does not appear to work properly on some platforms with Internet Explorer 4 or 5. We will be modifying the applet in due course.
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