Creating a pre or post test
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Pre or post tests are created in a special type of toolkit module. A test module has the following structure:

  • an introductory page - lp0pg1.htm
  • up to 128 test questions - lp1pg1.htm to lp1pgn.htm
  • a scores page - lp1pgn+1.htm
  • a certificate page - lp1pgn+2.htm

The scores and certificate pages must always follow directly after the last question, so if there were ten questions in the test, scores would be lp1pg11.htm and the certificate would be lp1pg12.htm.

The introductory page must be given the title module n, where module is the name of the folder containing the test and n is the number of learning points (in the case of tests, this is always 1), for example samptest 1. All other pages must be given page titles in the format module x/n, where module means as above, x is the page number and n the number of pages.

Use the following files from the templates folder to create your test:

  • test_intro.htm
  • multichoice_test_ques.htm
  • multianswer_test_ques.htm
  • text_test_ques.htm
  • numeric_test_ques.htm
  • listing_test_ques.htm
  • ordering_test_ques.htm
  • test_scores.htm
  • test_certificate.htm

Note that the test question templates are not suitable for use in other modules.

The introductory page explains how the test works and advises the user to reserve enough time to finish the test as it must be completed in one sitting.
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