Setting test questions
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A test can contain up to 128 multiple choice, multiple answer, listing, ordering, numeric and text input questions. Listing questions are a new option, requiring the user to type in multiple answers to a question.

All questions have a 'don't know' option in addition to the normal answers. With multiple choice questions, correct answers score +1, don't knows 0 and incorrect answers -1. Numeric and text input questions also have a partially correct score of +0.5.

With multi-answer questions, each correct answer selected and each incorrect answer not selected scores +1.  Each correct answer not selected and each incorrect answer selected scores -1. The total score for the question is then divided by the number of options to obtain a total somewhere between -1 and +1. A don't know answer scores 0 as usual.

With a listing and ordering questions, the user starts with a score of -1 but then scores 2 divided by the number of items in the list for each correct answer, giving a maximum of +1.

The score for each question is allocated towards the total for a particular learning goal. You can keep scores for up to 32 separate goals. Normally you will have the same number of questions for each goal.
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