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Assessing intranet cost-benefits
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pixel.gif (807 bytes) Assessing intranet cost-benefits
by Clive Shepherd

THE COST-BENEFITS of intranets are meant to be self-evident. After all, the set up costs appear to be minimal and the benefits although largely intangible are, by all accounts, substantial. So why not just get on with it and see what happens?

Is this the way to approach the introduction of a new communication medium that could quite possibly have a profound impact on how people work in your organisation? Clive Shepherd thinks not. In this article, he explains that the cost-benefit analysis of intranets is not only desirable, it is feasible to accomplish without armies of accountants. He sets out a step-by-step method for calculating intranet cost-benefits that you can easily adapt for use in your organisation and points you to a tool that, for the less mathematically inclined, does all the calculations for you.

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