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A matter of stylepixel.gif (807 bytes)

pixel.gif (807 bytes) A matter of style
by Clive Shepherd

WHEN WE SIT DOWN to design an online learning programme, there are three key factors that influence our design decisions:

  1. The nature of the learning to be achieved. Is it in the cognitive, psychomotor or affective domain? If primarily cognitive, are we talking about facts, procedures, concepts or principles?
  2. Our own beliefs and values in terms of how people learn. Are our allegiances with the cognitivists, the behaviourists or the humanists?
  3. The preferences of the learners themselves.

It is this last and often neglected factor that is addressed by Clive Shepherd in this article. Individuals differ in how they like to learn, and as designers of online learning materials, we ignore these differences at our peril.

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