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Taking stock and moving onlinepixel.gif (807 bytes)

pixel.gif (807 bytes) Taking stock and moving online
The TACTIX predictions for 1999
It's that time of the year again and TACTIX has no hesitation in adding to the abundance of reflectivity and predictivity that marks the end of one year and the start of the next.
So much is happening so fast in the world of online communications, that we scarcely have time to catch our breath, let alone think ahead. Nevertheless, thanks to a four hour train journey and a blissful absence of electronic communications, here are the TACTIX predictions for 1999:
We learn to communicate on-screen
Intranets get automated
Intranets get interactive
Intranets get you to all the information
Classroom training remains strong but changes in nature
The move online gains momentum
Performance support moves to centre stage
Multimedia takes a back seat until bandwidth increases

Those are the headlines - read on for the reasoning ...

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