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YOUR PROJECT PLAN is a long way from complete. Before you can tell whether you have any chance of delivery within a sensible timetable, you need to apply time estimates to each task. You can obtain assistance in developing time estimates from the following:
  • people who will be carrying out the tasks (and you are unlikely to get their commitment to a schedule on which they have not been consulted)
  • records of past, similar projects
  • from your own experience as a project manager
  • from objective, industry experts
  • by conducting tests with sample work

The following rules will help you in developing estimates:

  • determine the number of resources you are likely to apply to the task, as this will be a major factor in the time required
  • be realistic and remember that projects never go entirely to plan
  • do not plan for overtime – overtime is a natural contingency; if you allocate it from the start, you will have less options in an emergency
  • allow for holidays, sickness, training and any re-work that may be necessary on other, supposedly ‘completed’ projects
  • do not over-pad schedules – contingencies are for the unexpected and the forgotten
  • allow for delays caused by the client, including slow approvals and changes in requirements

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