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Why training needs the intranet
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TRAINING DEPARTMENTS operate within an internal market. Even if training courses are not directly paid for within an organisation, trainees are still customers and without bums on seats, no training department is going to survive long.

In the past, if you wanted to parade your training services to the organisation, you would produce a training catalogue, typically a once-a-year glossy, distributed to a select few. Like anything else that’s produced once a year, within no time at all it is out-of-date – new needs have arrived and assumptions about demand have been misjudged.

Using an intranet, every member of the organisation can have access to the very latest course details and schedules, possibly as a direct output from your training administration system. Your on-line catalogue can include a lot more than classroom courses – open and distance learning materials, videos, books and journals. In fact, many library management systems now come with an intranet front end, and it would be short-sighted to purchase a system that did not have this feature. Add to this the latest training news, feature articles, training policies and procedures and reviews by delegates of internal and external events and you have a pretty comprehensive way of marketing your services.

British Airways has produced an on-line training catalogue that brings together all of the 1000+ courses run by their many training departments, searchable according to a wide range of criteria and soon to be integrated with their training administration system, Registrar, to allow on-line registration. Never before has this information been available to all employees in one place. As a result, BA anticipates less duplication of effort on the supply side, a less confused audience and a closer match of needs with resources. Users voted it the best site on their intranet – 94% would recommend it to others and 100% would use it again.

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