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Why training needs the intranet
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pixel.gif (807 bytes) Using the intranet for evaluation
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EVALUATION IS ONE of those tasks that we all believe is terribly important but not always so terribly urgent. One of the reasons we may not devote as much time to evaluation as we should is the enormous amount of work that can be involved and here the interactive capabilities of an intranet can again be useful:
  • Use on-line forms to replace your paper-based reaction questionnaires; that way the results can automatically be compiled into a database for further analysis. To remind trainees of the need to complete the questionnaire, use an e-mail address list to send out a reminder – include the web address of the questionnaire in the e-mail and with one click they’ll have it up and running in their browser.
  • Create on-line assessments of knowledge and understanding for completion before and after a course. Build a spreadsheet model to analyse the results and measure the impact of the training.
  • Use an on-line survey to obtain 360 feedback about a trainee’s on-job behaviour. Again this information could be gathered before and after a training event to enable a comparison to be made, perhaps with a control group as well.

If they don’t already exist, training evaluation toolkits for use on intranets will undoubtedly become available in years to come, reducing the amount of technical support that you will require from your IT people.

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