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Downloads of Fastrak tools

Click below to download the learning media blender. The zip file contains an executable Macromedia Flash file and a Word document containing a description of the 18 media options provided in the blender. Simply double-click on 'learning media blender.exe' to launch the blender.

Learning media blender
Zip file / blender.zip / 269KB / September 2002

Here's a download for the Online Trainers Toolkit in the form of a WinZip file. When you unzip the file, make sure you select the 'use folder names' option so that the folder structure is maintained. Unzip the file to wherever you store your HTML files for authoring. What you will have is an exact duplicate of the toolkit as included on this site, with the exception of the general knowledge quiz. All necessary instructions are incorporated. To launch the toolkit, run the toolgo.htm file in your browser.

As a return favour, please let us know if you produce some online material that we or other users can look at. Also, suggestions for new features and templates are very welcome.

Online trainers' toolkit 2 version  2.0
WinZip / toolkit2.zip / 225KB / 22nd September 1999

The following version of the toolkit supports version 3 browsers and 640 x 480 screen resolution. Use this if you must provide this support to your users. Otherwise use version 2 as authoring and delivery are more efficient.

Online trainers' toolkit version 1.6
WinZip / toolkit.zip / 251KB / 9th August 1999

The following toolkits contain question templates only. The mini toolkit uses frames to display feedback alongside the questions, while the DHTML kit uses dynamic HTML features available in version 4 browsers or later. In either case, once you have unzipped the files, run the file main_frameset.htm in your browser to see the instructions.

Mini toolkit version 1.1
WinZip / minikit.zip / 20KB / 9th August 1999

DHTML toolkit version 1.5
WinZip / dhtmlkit.zip / 40KB / 28th June 2000

Here are downloadable Excel versions of the decision-making tools found in the Fastools section. If you are going to be a frequent user of the tools and would like to save your results to disk as well as print them out, then you may well prefer these versions. At present we only have Excel 97 versions to download, but we can make available downloads for previous versions of Excel on request.

Intranet cost-benefit calculator
Excel 97 version / cbc2.xls / 140KB / March 1999

Communication methods selector
Excel 97 version / commtool.xls / 40KB / June 1998

Training methods selector
Excel 97 version / tngtool2.xls / 79KB / April 1999


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